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What makes PC Shooting, LLC Your Best Choice?

 PC Shooting was conceived with a goal of providing proper instruction in the use of firearms and the deadly force.  Class size was kept intentionally small as too many of the local firearm courses had become seminar-style courses. This was especially true of the North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun class with some of the classes exceeding 100 students. Students in these classes are given a few hours of lecture and then the remainder of the 8 hours of mandatory classroom instruction is filled with DVDs. The students are then taken to a range (or just "out back" of the facility or house) to fire 10 rounds at 3, 5, and 7 yards. They are then handed a certificate of completion and sent on their merry way. All classes offered by PC Shooting are carefully orchestrated to achieve one goal: Preparing the student to be proficient and safe in the use of his/her chosen firearm: be that self-defense, competition, hunting, or simply an afternoon of shooting.

Yeah, but what does all of this mean?

PC Shooting was developed in order to create a more engaging learning environment, so that students could leave the course feeling confident in their shooting ability. Students have constantly commended our instruction, from novice gun users, to veterans, to the gun aficionados looking to get their permits. Our instructor's goals are to make sure that every student leaves knowing their legal rights and obligations, using relevant, up-to-date references points to drill the legal jargon home. We read our evaluations after every class in order to best tailor the classroom and range environments to the needs of our students, and we will go over every questions again and again until each student is comfortable in their skills. 

PC Shooting takes pride in our accountability to our staff and students. If a student should ever have a question or an issue after they have taken their course, Roger makes it a point to be available to them. As your instructor, he believes in helping students make informed decisions regarding gun purchases, information, technicalities, and the like. We have had students from counties all over North Carolina including: Wake, Durham, Chatam, Craven, Johnston, Harnett, Lee, Cumberland, and Alamance counties (to name a few). (For county registration information, visit our FAQ page.)