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PC Shooting was founded in 2011 by Roger Pettit II. Roger is a former United States Marine that was disabled in 1988. Roger has been an avid competitive shooter, collector, and hunter for over 40 years. He has worked as a Fugitive Recovery Agent, contractor, bodyguard, and firearm instructor for the majority of his adult life.


There was a great deal of thought put into the type of instruction that was to be given by PC Shooting. PC Shooting makes every effort to ensure that our NC CCH graduates know the laws governing deadly force intimately. The students are given instruction concerning: Proper grip, sight picture, trigger control, stance, breathing, recovery, etc. The class size is kept small (18.3 avg) in a comfortable conference room (the Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hilton to name a few) in order for EVERY student to receive the attention She/he requires to become proficient in Her/his knowledge of the laws governing deadly force and in their ability to use a firearm to achieve the desired outcome. ALL live fire is conducted on a proper range under the supervision of NO LESS than two (2) Range Safety Officers (RSO's) along with staff.

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There are evaluations after every class and ALL student evaluations are posted on-line and changes are made as needed. After 3 years, dozens of classes, and 100's of students, PC Shooting feels that their classes are among the best in North Carolina. This is reinforced by the fact that over 60% of our students come via word-of-mouth and student evaluations give further credibilty. PC Shooting values all of their students, and even after the class help students obtain the perfect firearm that best suits that student's needs.