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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have never fired a gun; will I be able to qualify for the Conceal Carry Handgun Permit?

While over 1/3 of our students have never had prior experience with firearms, there is adequate time at the range in order for the student to become comfortable with a firearm.

2. How long will the CCH class take?

By North Carolina law the course must consist of: 8 hours of classroom instruction with an additional live fire qualification. However, this day-long course will be anything but boring: Read some our Reviews here!

3. What do I do with the certificate that I will receive once I finish the Concealed Carry Handgun Class?

Take the certificate of completion to the the Sheriff’s Office in the county of residence and they will issue you the concealed carry permit once you’ve completed the appropriate forms.

A. What if my county of residence on my license, and the one I actually live in are different?

Bring your certificate of completion to the Sheriff's Office in county of residence on your license.

I. What is the filing process for where I live?

While we here at PC Shooting cannot account for every county in the state of North Carolina, we can certainly try to make it easier. Here are the Concealed Carry procedures for the counties of residence, based on website analytics using past students provided information (all information you have entered is strictly confidential):

Durham County                 Johnston County                Franklin County 

Wake County                    Harnett County                  Lee County

Cumberland County           Alamance County               Chatam County

Craven County

4. I don’t have a handgun yet, can I still take the Concealed Carry Handgun Class?

Yes, we provide a handgun and ammunition at no extra charge.  

5. Do I need to bring my lunch or do we take a lunch break?

We provide lunch during a scheduled lunch break and there will be refreshments (sodas, water, gatorade, etc) offered throughout the duration of the course at no extra charge. We also take frequent breaks during the class.

6. Once I receive my Concealed Carry Handgun Permit (CCH) will I still have to obtain a pistol permit to purchase a handgun?

No, once you receive your CCH permit; that will serve as your license to purchase handguns.

7. What other states honor North Carolina Concealed Carry Permits?

With the current political climate, changes in reciprocity between states can change. For a current listing of states with reciprocity agreements we recommend checking the following website. (While we provide these websites in order to be helpful, PC Shooting assumes neither responsibility nor risks if these websites are out of date. It is up to you, the permit carrier, to make certain you are abiding by the laws of the state you are in.)

North Carolina Department of Justice Info.                            Grass Roots of North Carolina Reciprocity Map

8. Will the class be cancelled or reschedule in inclement weather?

No, we conduct both the classroom instruction and live fire portion of the CCH indoors.

9. Can any handgun be used to qualify for the class?

Yes, North Carolina defines a handgun as: a short-stocked firearm designed to be fired primarily by one hand. If the students firearm meets this criteria it will be approved.

A. What if I do bring my own gun?

All guns need to remain in your vehicles during the classroom portion. If you want to qualify with your gun please bring 30 rounds. While we try to be as accomodating as possible, due to limited hand gun ammunition access, it is not always possible to carry every type of ammunition for every class.

10. I have my CCW/CCH from another state do I still have to get a North Carolina CCH?

If you are changing residency to North Carolina, you must obtain a North Carolina CCH Permit.

11. Do you offer private instruction?

Yes, we offer private instruction according to instructor availability. Click here for Information. Click here to contact Roger with questions.