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PC Shooting takes great pride in the respect and trust we earn from our students. For your consideration, here are testimonials and reviews of our courses. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have.

"Amazing teachers! Thank you for the wonderful classes that I have taken. I will definitely continue to take more classes. Next will be tach 2 class. I can't wait !"                                   -Jean Beecher (Tactical Pistol I 01/13/15)

"Took the ACCH class last night, and what a blast. The staff take the time to work with each shooter at their level. It's fast paced just like real life situations would be, but kept fun and each student only shoots against themselves, if more training is what you're after, this is the class to take. Thanks again guys, you'll be seeing me again."

-Rick Ivey (ACCH Class 07/20/14)

"Great class last night Roger. I learned so much. Thanks and I will definitely take more."

-Neil Bleau (ACCH Class 07/20/14)

“As a law enforcement officer and firearms instructor, I went into this course with high expectations and zero tolerance for being read to from the manual. Roger does an excellent job of tailoring this course for the amateur or the pro. Never dry and with a great sense of humor, he exceeded all of my expectations in expanding my reloading skill set. Take this class."
-Mike (NRA MRC 05/04/14)

"Just took the ACCH defensive pistol course and was very impressed with the level of instruction, professionalism of the staff, and length of course. Worth every penny! In my opinion, this course should be mandatory for all novice shooters and should be taken before any beginner thinks about applying for their Concealed Carry Permit. This course really emphasises the importants and responsibility of carrying a weapon for self defense and more importantly the reprocussions of not being prepared to handle real life shooting situations. Thanks to Roger Pettit and his staff for helping create more responsible and proficient shooters."
"Hello Roger --
I apologize for taking so many weeks to comment on our experience with your After Conceal Carry Handgun Class in which we participated May 3rd.  We had all good intentions of writing a review immediately, but it seems that other commitments offer up distractions and then next thing  you know several weeks have past.
Nonetheless,  Stacy and I enjoyed our experience that evening and felt it was well worth our time.  You and Steve were very patient with two people that maybe had less shooting experience than those with which you usually work.  You went out of your way to ensure that the experience was beneficial to us and you seemed to take it as a matter of personal pride that we should have that experience.  I want to thank Steve for working so carefully with me and putting me through all the drills.  Although I felt like I knew my handgun before that night, having put 200 or so rounds through it prior, I came away even more comfortable with the gun because of the many exercises we went through.  Steve even coached me through some failure to eject problems with my gun.  It turned out it was neither a dirty gun nor weird rounds.  The problem was with me.  Steve helped me correct, and for the rest of the evening, no more failures to eject.
Thank you for work so carefully with Stacy.  You were very understanding and seemed to know how to coach her to success.  By the end of the evening, she was placing her rounds in tight groupings and made an impressive show (second best time) when she participated in the final timed drill.
Safety on the range was drilled the whole time so that it became second nature, it seemed.
Stacy and I feel like this type of coaching and training is something that we would like to have every few months, and I would recommend your classes (and have already) to my friends that might be interested.  We plan to watch your class schedule and attempt to enroll when ACCH classes appear.
Thank you again for such a fun, educational, rewarding experience.  We look forward to working with you again."
Mark Cullifer
Rog you and your staff did it again!!! I had a great time in class and feel like I learned a lot. You, your staff, and the RSO kept safety in the forefront but we're still able to keep things moving at a fast pace. Anyone that's taken your ACCH class should definitely put this next on their list of must do's. Thanks again guys I look forward to the TP-2 class.
Rick Ivey

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